Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Good (Not Quite) Year

I can't believe I just used that hideous Russell Crowe movie as the title. Oh well, moving on.

So, my profile needs a little updating since Elliott and I are moving out of the Bay Area and out of our beautiful, centrally located (half a block from the best bakery in America) apartment. We'll finally going back to school (graduate school at Columbia for him, the smartypants, and law school for me). Goodbye, 9-5! Hello, crushing student loans!

To celebrate at our newfound freedom (before school begins, anyway), we're taking a 7-week trip through Europe. So far, the plan is to go from Rome to the Puglia region in southern Italy (maybe) to Croatia to Istanbul to the Turkish Aegean coast to the Greek Cyclades islands to Athens and finally to Cologne to visit some of Elliott's relatives. Y'know, I've typed out this itinerary probably dozens of times by now, and it still doesn't sound real to me. Rome! Dubrovnik! Istanbul! Wheee! And we'll probably get to meet up with some of our friends in Europe, too. Double wheeee!

For those whom I won't be seeing this summer or for a long while, I'd like to post travel updates to this blog, so you can see some of the amazing places that we'll be visiting. Sound good? Gut. Bis dann.

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Nicole said...

lets try to meet in istanbul...ive got friends there and we'd have a blast if we all met up