Sunday, May 13, 2007

Day Four - Sundays are for Miscellany

Our dinner party went pretty well last night, especially the fireworks interlude (provided by the local radio station KFOG) between the main course and dessert. Good timing, guys.

I know that I promised pictures of the food we made, but as always happens, I forgot. However, here is a picture of the resident dessert chef making an apple puff pastry tart.

And the table.

The official menu was:

Spring mix salad with mango and avocado with guava vinaigrette
Stuffed bell peppers (with turkey sausage and just plain veggie) with cous cous
Apple puff pastry tarts with honey
Blackberry pie (that Thomas brought)
A selection of ice creams from Bombay Ice Creamery

And now we're off to take over the city, as we do every Sunday. Ciao.

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