Monday, February 18, 2008

Picture Dump Part 1

Way back in January, when my moot court brief was but a spot on the horizon, I visited Elliott in New York to spend the last part of my winter break.

We visited the Imagine circle in Strawberry Fields in Central Park.

Central Park maintenance's own version of Christo and Jean-Claude's The Gates.

Some simple stir-fry on the new CB2 plates we got. (We also visited my personal mecca, the MUJI store in Soho, but those pictures are on Elliott's camera.)

Elliott opened his belated birthday presents on a damp bench in the Columbus quad.

Elliott's happy about his new Alice Waters book. Yay!

And then Elliott came up to Boston, whereupon we made a lot of food.

First, we made chicken enchiladas. Recipe from Chow.

Then we made lots of gingerbread cookies.

And we finished with a winter vegetable kale soup. Mmmmmm.

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