Monday, February 27, 2006

The End of Sport

As in, both the Olympics and my arduous, plodding journey through Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch. Now begins my foray into The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy. Having seen the movie already (which you all should toally go see, too, if only for the moment that made Elliott hide his head behind my shoulder), it makes reading the book easier, already having a picture of the characters in my head. (Note: I am not always this lazy of a reader, but Tristram Shandy doesn't matter all that much to me.) What I really, really want (cue the unfortunately appropriate song by the Spice Girls) to read right now is Howard's End, but alas, I have yet to find a good used copy (Forster deserves better than an old library copy.) Meanwhile, I feel like I'm trying to satisfy a hunger for pad thai with spaghetti and hot chili sauce.

Speaking of food, here's what we--okay, fine, Elliott's been up to in the kitchen.


nicole said...

i want to read Howard's End. maybe i will over break. did you ever read The Remains of the Day in cambridge?

elliot's baking looks scrumptious.

i cannot stand republicans.

i also changed the name of my blog so it is at

love you.

jasembera said...

you should post about how youre going to miss your roommates like the deserts miss the rain.

do the deserts miss the rain?